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  • Oud Perfume Politics {The 5th Sense in the News}

    The Scented Salamander: Perfume & Beauty Blog & Webzine
    19 Aug 2014 | 12:03 pm
    By Chantal-Hélène Wagner
  • Imaginary Authors: The Lenora Blumberg Editions

    Fragrantica Perfumes
    22 Aug 2014 | 4:00 pm
    I get such a kick out of Imaginary Authors, the creative literary-inspired perfume line founded by Josh Meyer. Writing about perfumes described as novels, complete with plots, characters, themes and even quotes from each book, credited to an imaginary writer with a back story and photograph, in bottles that resemble vintage book covers, with illustrations that include elements of the story—wel... Read full article: Imaginary Authors: The Lenora Blumberg Editions from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
  • Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt ~ fragrance review

    Now Smell This
    22 Aug 2014 | 10:59 am
    Wood Sage & Sea Salt, the latest release from Jo Malone, has just begun to appear in stores. It’s a fragrance inspired by the salt air, sea grasses and rocky cliffs of the English coast, developed by perfumer Christine Nagel; its official notes include ambrette seeds, sea salt, sage, grapefruit and red algae. In a recent interview about this fragrance, Nagel also mentioned buchu leaves, plum, dried fruits, driftwood and musk as compositional elements. Jo Malone has been hit-or-miss for me over the past year or two; I liked Peony & Blush Suede, but I wasn’t crazy about Silk…
  • which scents are good from these houses

    Basenotes Forums
    23 Aug 2014 | 6:01 am
    Hi guys i plan to add 1 more cologne to my collection and i plan to add a not so expensive scent so i plan to buy a cologne from Jacques Bogart or Mont Blanc here is some information for me i like One million by Paco Rabanne and La nuit by YSL so i am looking for a good cologne with good silage ? the problem is i can't sample Jacques Bogart colognes , and the next time i go to the mall or perfume shop i will sample the Mont Blanc line so can you guys recoment me cologne from these houses ? I want scent that is good compliment getter and has longivity and very good silage ? I am searching for…
  • New artistic creations from DSH Perfumes: Metropolis, Scent of Hope and more

    Perfume-Smellin' Things Perfume Blog
    16 Aug 2014 | 2:00 pm
    By Donna The prolific Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes is having an especially creative year, and that is saying a lot. Once again, she is showing us that no matter what the genre of fragrance or the challenge presented is, she will find a way to make Art from it, and I am in awe of the results.                                                                         One of
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    Fragrantica Perfumes

  • Imaginary Authors: The Lenora Blumberg Editions

    22 Aug 2014 | 4:00 pm
    I get such a kick out of Imaginary Authors, the creative literary-inspired perfume line founded by Josh Meyer. Writing about perfumes described as novels, complete with plots, characters, themes and even quotes from each book, credited to an imaginary writer with a back story and photograph, in bottles that resemble vintage book covers, with illustrations that include elements of the story—wel... Read full article: Imaginary Authors: The Lenora Blumberg Editions from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
  • Anna Sui La Nuit de Bohème Eau de Parfum

    22 Aug 2014 | 12:25 am
    Anna Sui launched La Nuit de Bohème in the summer of 2014 as the successor of the fragrance La Vie de Boheme from 2012. La Nuit de Bohème is primarily launched as Eau de Toilette, now followed by its Eau de Parfum version that comes in a black bottle with a golden cap.La Nuit de Bohème Eau de Parfum is an oriental-floral composition, announced as deep, mysterious and attractive. It begins wit... Read full article: Anna Sui La Nuit de Bohème Eau de Parfum from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
  • Helene Fischer That’s Me

    21 Aug 2014 | 12:25 am
    Helene Fischer, the German pop singer, is launching her first fragrance in September 2014 under the name of That's Me. The fragrance is announced as a combination of fresh, playful and powerful notes. The scent symbolizes the love, passion and energy that Helene Fischer feels for her music. The fragrance opens with fresh Sicilian tangerine, sunny peaches and pink freesia. The heart blossoms wit... Read full article: Helene Fischer That’s Me from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
  • Tom Tailor College Sport Collection

    21 Aug 2014 | 12:02 am
    Tom Tailor launches a new fragrant pair in August 2014, named Tom Tailor College Sport inspired by Preppy style and the American college image, advocating sports and a modern way of life. The collection is characteristic for the TCS logo on flacons and boxes, the large coat of arms closely connected with the classic look of a college symbol as well as for striped outer cartons evoking the shirts... Read full article: Tom Tailor College Sport Collection from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
  • Arquiste The Architects Club – Posh and Elegant Smokiness

    18 Aug 2014 | 5:51 pm
    For the latest edition of his brand Arquiste, Carlos Huber decided to continue working with perfumer Yann Vasnier. The result is The Architects Club and we are now seeing the first bottles coming to the shelves. I was introduced to this new fragrance in March at the latest edition of Esxence and I was immediatly stunned by the instant sweet  and elegant seduction this scent has in it. ... Read full article: Arquiste The Architects Club – Posh and Elegant Smokiness from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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    Now Smell This

  • Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt ~ fragrance review

    22 Aug 2014 | 10:59 am
    Wood Sage & Sea Salt, the latest release from Jo Malone, has just begun to appear in stores. It’s a fragrance inspired by the salt air, sea grasses and rocky cliffs of the English coast, developed by perfumer Christine Nagel; its official notes include ambrette seeds, sea salt, sage, grapefruit and red algae. In a recent interview about this fragrance, Nagel also mentioned buchu leaves, plum, dried fruits, driftwood and musk as compositional elements. Jo Malone has been hit-or-miss for me over the past year or two; I liked Peony & Blush Suede, but I wasn’t crazy about Silk…
  • Friday scent of the day 8/22

    22 Aug 2014 | 7:28 am
    TGIF! Today’s community project: wear something beachy, or anything you think of as “a vacation in a bottle”. What did you pick? As always, do chime in with your scent of the day even if you didn’t participate in the community project. I’m wearing Kai over a very light layer of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme. It’s a perfect antidote to the very crappy, not-beachy weather we’re having here today… Read the rest of this article »
  • Online fragrance shopping

    22 Aug 2014 | 7:04 am
    New at escentual (UK): DKNY MYNY, Aramis Adventurer. New at luckyscent: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Pluriel.
  • Atelier Flou Liva & Amarcord ~ new fragrances

    22 Aug 2014 | 6:32 am
    French niche line Atelier Flou, which debuted in 2010 with eight fragrances, has repackaged their line and introduced two new scents, Liva and Amarcord… Read the rest of this article »
  • Mandarina Duck Oh Bella ~ new fragrance

    22 Aug 2014 | 5:23 am
    Mandarina Duck has launched Oh Bella, a new fruity floral fragrance for women… Read the rest of this article »
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    Basenotes Forums

  • which scents are good from these houses

    23 Aug 2014 | 6:01 am
    Hi guys i plan to add 1 more cologne to my collection and i plan to add a not so expensive scent so i plan to buy a cologne from Jacques Bogart or Mont Blanc here is some information for me i like One million by Paco Rabanne and La nuit by YSL so i am looking for a good cologne with good silage ? the problem is i can't sample Jacques Bogart colognes , and the next time i go to the mall or perfume shop i will sample the Mont Blanc line so can you guys recoment me cologne from these houses ? I want scent that is good compliment getter and has longivity and very good silage ? I am searching for…
  • SOTD Saturday, 23rd August 2014

    23 Aug 2014 | 4:12 am
    Hello and best to everyone. L'Artisan Parfumeur Safran Troublant for me. Wish you all a lovely Saturday.
  • For Winter it's Fougere, while for Summer it's….

    23 Aug 2014 | 4:12 am
    Hi all, Just going deeper with this olfactory appreciation - started late (early 40s) with wet-shaving and now I'm embracing scents. Seems I gravitate towards the woody aromatics and fougere - favourites are Azzaro PH, Paco Rabanne PH (vintage), L'Occitane Baux, Antaeus and Tabac. All suit my heavy olive complexion and attitude ;) But I think they might prove a little heavy when things warm up here in Australia. So I wonder what folks with a similar flavour might recommend looking at for Spring and Summer? I have had a little sniff around the stores and just cannot come at floral sporty…
  • Sprayer nozzle not working properly

    23 Aug 2014 | 12:28 am
    My Pure Coffee sprayer has stopped creating a "spray" of the juice. Instead, it's now just chucking out what I can only describe as great "blobs" of juice. Basically seems like the same amount, but it hasn't been made into a fine mist. Is there any way to fix this or is my bottle of Pure Coffee destined for the bin? It's not really usable as it is. Yes it "works", but it just creates a big, cold wet patch wherever I spray it. Not really workable in it's current condition. Tips on how to fix welcome.
  • BOND NO. 9 : New Haarlem, NY OUD, Central Park, NY Patchouli, Montauk

    22 Aug 2014 | 10:04 pm
    All testers 99% full except for Ny Oud which is 85% full. Looking for Creeds, Serge Lutens, Amouage...or OB Can send pics at request...please Pm me
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    Perfume-Smellin' Things Perfume Blog

  • New artistic creations from DSH Perfumes: Metropolis, Scent of Hope and more

    16 Aug 2014 | 2:00 pm
    By Donna The prolific Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes is having an especially creative year, and that is saying a lot. Once again, she is showing us that no matter what the genre of fragrance or the challenge presented is, she will find a way to make Art from it, and I am in awe of the results.                                                                         One of
  • Summer Rerun: The Dog Days

    13 Aug 2014 | 9:00 pm
    By Tom Since we've had some pretty tropical weather (for us) this week, I've decided to rerun a post from the past.. One of the great things about the left coast is that, despite the fact that we live on the edge of a desert, we rarely have to interface with the dog days of summer. Our humidity is low, and even when the daytime temperature is nigh unto triple digits, we can hide in our
  • Crazy, Sexy Charmed Life - Impromptu by Roxana Illuminated Perfumes

    29 Jul 2014 | 12:22 pm
     By Beth Schreibman Gehring Impromptu by Greg Spalenka...In Roxana's own words..."The use of the word illuminated in my company name refers to "bringing"  to light the elder way of making perfumes with plant materials AND illuminating each fragrance with an image.  This review of Roxana Villa's magnificent perfume Impromptu should have appeared weeks ago because I received the first
  • Good Enough to Eat: En Voyage Perfumes Souvenir de Chocolat Trio

    27 Jul 2014 | 2:39 pm
    By Donna Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes is well known for putting her own spin on traditional perfume styles, and now she has taken on the gourmand family with great success. This much anticipated (and now multiple award-winning) trio of scents lives up to it billing, evoking the sweetness of classic favorites with an original twist. I love vanilla in perfumes, from
  • Etat Libre d'Orange Cologne

    9 Jul 2014 | 9:00 pm
    By Tom Cologne Eau de Parfum is a decided departure from the usual Etat Libre d’Orange usual ways of doing things. They’re of course those crazy kids who did C.S.I. Newark, er, Secretions Magnafique, which to me is a total scrubber with it’s notes of defiled mobster found under the pier.(but I am told that it is one of their most popular fragrance. They also did a personal favorite: Tilda
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    Perfume Shrine

  • Summer Love Potions

    21 Aug 2014 | 7:46 am
    Imagine sipping on a cocktail that tastes just as sexy as your favorite perfume smells. Combine your scent with your drink as an unforgettable aphrodisiac pair. The scent: Safran Troublant, by L'Artisan Parfumeur THE DRINK: 1 ½ oz Dry Gin, ¾ oz saffron and vanilla bean syrup, ½ oz fresh lemon juice, Rosé champagne, White rose petal. Read on this link to see how Mindy Yang of MiN New York’s
  • Vintage Advertising Champions: Let Them Talk (Coty Sophia)

    20 Aug 2014 | 6:00 am
    The first "real" celebrity perfume is probably Sophia by Coty, issued in 1981 after the persona of Sophia Loren, Italian superstar and Hollywood legend to give many a run for their money. No Liz Taylor, you ask? Elizabeth Taylor's white Diamonds and Catherine Deneuve's erstwhile Deneuve perfume deal with Avon (1986) historically follow Sophia. I'm not counting the (semi-promotional) claims
  • Granizado de Limon: Andalusia in a Glass

    20 Aug 2014 | 5:00 am
    Throughout Granada and Seville in arid southern Spain there are tiny shops and street sellers peddling their icy cold wares to thirsty travelers. Among them the crisp granizado de limon is probably the most refreshing, the tart and juicy flavor trickling down the throat with the deep "aaaaah" of genuine relief. If you have a drop of vodka added the "aaah" factor increases (I'll save the
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Les Pluriels Masculin and Feminin: fragrance reviews

    19 Aug 2014 | 6:00 am
    This coming September star perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is launching a duet of scents, Feminin and Masculin in Les Pluriels, for his eponymous brand. I have sampled both and have lived to tell the tale, which is a good one, if not highly original (even within his private niche line). The story is just published on Fragrantica, more of which below, and you're welcome to comment either there or here.
  • Fragrance & Heat: Allies or Foes?

    18 Aug 2014 | 6:37 am
    "Heat enhances the perception of fragrance," says Karyn Khoury, senior vice president for fragrance development for Estée Lauder Cos., who wears fragrance every day. Empirical data confirms this. Heated skin is skin which aids diffusion of smelly components and that includes both those which come naturally to us (apocrine gland products) and those which we put on ourselves on purpose. That might
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    Roxana Illuminated Perfume

  • In Between

    19 Aug 2014 | 7:11 pm
    The work area of my new space, termed apothecary, is finally set up. Thus, all perfumes and new orders will now be created in Agoura Hills. For the time being I've set up the area like I had it here at my home studio to keep things simplified. The whole space is still being refined, with me making subtle daily changes. I'm in desperate need of furniture, specifically counters and
  • Silver Filigree

    14 Aug 2014 | 2:15 pm
    The vintage inspired filigree perfume locket is now available in the silver finish. Perfect for travel or when you want to have something pretty to anoint yourself with without the need to reach into a bag or pocket. Since I am so sensitive to scent I find this locket particularly useful because the fragrance gently wafts out of the delicate ornamental brass filigree so there is no need to
  • Scent of the Day: Page 47

    13 Aug 2014 | 12:53 pm
    The scent of most of my days lately has been Page 47. I can't seem to get enough of this one and yearn for it in a format that I could slather all over, not just a little dab at the wrists and neck. Thus, today, after taking a load up to the space, I am making a body butter of it. The backbone of this fragrance is Jasmine, Champa and Vanilla. Of course the formula is much more complicated
  • Dailies

    10 Aug 2014 | 3:29 pm
    The daily gathering of little white florets from for the Jasmine sambac tincture continues. Although there was a bit of a dry spell of blossoms for about a week, the plants are flowering once more. These waxy, abundantly scented little flowers have been getting added to 190 proof grape alcohol since April of this year. Thursday morning, while filtering the tincture, I poured a tablespoon
  • Progress

    6 Aug 2014 | 11:36 pm
    The progress on the new space continues quite swiftly and productively. It's all feeling like its coming together now and I am absolutely thrilled. The energy in the space is absolutely divine, not only from my point of view but many others who have visited. The wrought iron trellis that was purchased at the Rose Bowl Flea Market was made into a door and hung while we were in San Diego.
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    Tauer Perfumes - Blog

  • pipette guiding the way, and more gardenia…

    21 Aug 2014 | 11:23 pm
    So I told you: It is a gardenia week. Yesterday, after my aquarell class that is unacademic but highly educative, no school environment, but inspiring  in a way that I am in heaven there, after this class I got home and my mail box blinked with happy news. So there we go: The first reviews of the Gardenia sotto la luna are out and I am very flattered, and share them here.Wonderful news, indeed. Riding a crescent moon, by the scented hound. I am gardenia when I am wearing this, on Fragrance Daily. this time the first gardenia fragrance that I have ever really liked and would wear, which for a…
  • more gardenia

    19 Aug 2014 | 11:54 pm
    So there we go: I have been working for a while on a gardenia scent soap, for my “perfume in a soap” series of fragrant soaps that I do not sell normally, but offer as treat for friends and fans. Like … in draws. The picture shows you the result sitting in the factory on the shelf, taken yesterday. 100 gr. of plush gardenia. I haven’t totally decided what to do with it, or how to use it. It goes together with a piece of paper that ‘s going to sit on the blue “think about wall” in the factory, saying: “USING OFFERS ON FACEBOOK”. In the end,…
  • scribbling

    19 Aug 2014 | 12:56 am
    today’s picture is in real life a few cm wide, meaning it is small. The pen on the side was used to scribble it. I did so the other day when sitting together with my insurance guy, with the talking going from what can happen in life to all of us and what and how I have insurance to cover it. Like the insurance for the goods that we have in stock, or what happens if I break my arm or worse. So yes, the meeting was important, and my scribbling does not reflect that really. I often do quick sketches, laying out a big plan in a little sketch. Like for the gardenia, when working on it, a…
  • more on poetry. To give notes or not to give.

    17 Aug 2014 | 11:47 pm
    Today’s picture shows you a  boxed gardenia fragrance sitting on a quick watercolor sketch that I did yesterday. It did not work out (the watercolor). But I did two rose illustrations that both worked well and that made me happy. So, yes, there was time yesterday to do a lot, to jog, to paint, to answer mails. Water color illustration of a rose, by Andy Tauer Here’s the first rose. And here’s the second. Another rose illustration, by Andy Tauer, watercolor Talking about roses: “rose” is one of the very few specific notes that I indicate for the Gardenia. Other…
  • Liquid poetry. Gardenia from Sotto la luna.

    14 Aug 2014 | 11:40 pm
    My Gardenia is finally online. Samples ship today, full bottles are available with shipment early September. Hurray! And I love it. Enjoy and have a great Friday! I sure do. — “Sotto la luna” means under the moon. I see the solitude of flowers, blooming under a bright moon, secluded from the busy day world under the sun. It is a world that is secluded, private in a sense. The world is sleeping. The busy human world has come to a rest. Flower pods open, alluring the creatures of the night. I see flowers blooming in the light of a celestial body that does not shine itself, but…
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  • Olive & Olibanum

    17 Aug 2014 | 1:21 pm
    First route to bottling peace actually began with a lavender and olibanum combination, and then elaborated with more essences that enhance that duality.To begin with, various essences of both frankincense and lavender were arranged against each other. Frankincense CO2 in conjunction with lavender absolute; then elaborating with wild frankincense from Somaliland and from Somalia with lighter French lavender oils: Mailette and wild lavender from the French Alps.The idea of olive came later. There was a need to add depth and interest to these very light, balanced and a little to-therapeutic…
  • Perfume for Peace

    13 Aug 2014 | 4:00 pm
    Back in the day, Escents Aromatherapy in Vancouver sold a blend called "Peace" with lavender and vanilla. It was lovely, and was a diffuser oil blend and also in a variety of scented body products. There was something truly luxurious and peace-invoking about it. Lavender to me really is a very peaceful scent. It brings a sense of well-being, calm and is at the same time also uplifting rather than sedative or narcotic. The healing properties of lavender are wide and well known, both emotionally and physically. But it is not the only essential oil that promotes such state of mind.I spent most…
  • EauMG Reviews Musk Malabi

    12 Aug 2014 | 10:23 pm
    "What the heck else are the 1% doing with their money???" Visit EauMG to read Victoria’s EauPINION onMusk Malabi: "Cardamom, rosewater and musk. Out of the Ayala Moriel perfumes that I’ve sampled, Musc Malabi is my favorite. I could seriously bathe in this stuff". 
  • A Brief History of Perfumes for Peace

    5 Aug 2014 | 1:34 pm
    Perfumes dedicated to peace, as a quick Basenotes search brings up includes 33 results. Here's a roundup of the ones that are probably easier to find - in order of appearance: 1999 Time for Peace by Kenzo comes in a masculine version (mandarin, sage, chestnut, tonka bean, amber, cedarwood vetiver and vanilla) and feminine (mandarin, bergamot, blackcurrant, freesia, peony, jasmine, amber and musk).2001 Imagine... Peace by Bath and Body Works sounds like another nondescript bouquet of sandalwood, musk and flowers (muguet and waterlily). Probably watery and boring...2003 I Am Peace (Danica…
  • Bringer of Peace

    30 Jul 2014 | 10:10 pm
    The outpour of tragic news from my home country have practically taken over my life. It's difficult to think about anything else but this summer meteorite of pain and hostilities. Try as I may to not get political, I simply can't these days. In fact, I never had a stronger political view in my life. In 2 sentences it goes like this: Stop the violence. Make peace NOW.  There is very little I can do, but I'm trying all I can to encourage people around me and especially back home that there is another way. That fear does not need to be the ruling factor. And I'd like to use this blog to…
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  • A Lab on Fire

    Lucy Raubertas
    19 Aug 2014 | 3:17 pm
    This is the S-perfumes' line, now directed by Carlos Kusubayashi, that prefers to keep as much quiet and mystery about itself as possible, with a stylish Asian/Euro-minimalist aesthetic overall, but it has become well known these are a set of perfumes from the most established and esteemed French/Euro-culture perfumers.All the perfumes are eminently wearable, indeed I would love to have them all, some in multiples so I could feel free to use them with complete abandon.  These are modern perfumes that don't reference anything from the past but do seem to call to basic elemental…
  • Summer Perfumes- Varieties of Sensation Part 2

    Lucy Raubertas
    4 Aug 2014 | 7:22 pm
    The summer has grown more beautiful every day since my last post, but the news keeps growing more difficult.  I turn to my summer perfume favorites for an alternate reality experience. I've written about all these perfumers before a number of times, but these are certain of their newer perfumes that hit the right spot in this warmer season.  This is the second part of two on my Summer perfume rotation.6.Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors.  This one fulfills the promise of its ultra-interesting site's copy upon extended wear, and I have learned to use several sprays to gain…
  • Summer Perfumes - A Variety of Sensations Part 1

    Lucy Raubertas
    23 Jul 2014 | 2:26 pm
    'The Waterfall Fairy', illustration by Ida Rentoul OuthwaiteTempers flare, the news is terrible, and the physical discomfort of Summer in a crowded big city heightens all these factors and adds to every form of anxiety.  To remember that there's more to life than trouble, and to reclaim what is good about this Summer, I use perfumes to transport myself and experience an alternate olfactory reality for a better frame of mind.Summer brings out all the languorous lyrical aspects of perfumes. Winding down the multiple curves of an aromatic road, mirroring an olfactory Art Nouveau atmosphere,…
  • Summer Tea-Aroma M Hana, Nobara and O-Cha and a Preview of Camellia

    Lucy Raubertas
    4 Jul 2014 | 2:22 pm
    Found on KatheFraga.comThe heat of summer brings on my craving for tea perfumes.  Aroma M has reissued Hana-Cha, based on the fragrance of Jasmine tea, which joins O-Cha (green tea) and Nobara-Cha to relaunch the original Aroma M perfumes.  They were among the first of the indieperfumes to be offered to the public; Hana-cha was first released in 1995.They capture the innocence and enthusiasm of those early days of hand-made indieperfumes, as informed by the Japanese aesthetic preferences of Maria McElroy, who at that time had recently returned from living in Japan for many years.
  • Blackbird Perfumes: Triton and Incense for Summer

    Lucy Raubertas
    18 Jun 2014 | 1:26 pm
    Blackbird, situated in the Pacific Northwest (and now gone international) is a design studio that that has made several incense and smoke-toned fragrances.All of them so far have been straightforward, minimalist, direct, sophisticated and subtle.Triton is their new perfume. It continues their style, this time as a soft incense and dry linen paper composition. My immediate impression was a large leather bound book with linen-paper pages infused with the vapors of incense, the pages fanning out in a cool room room with stone walls.  A castle room?  The softness of the incense…
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    The Non-Blonde

  • Guerlain- Vol de Nuit (Vintage Perfume, Revisited)

    Gaia Fishler
    21 Aug 2014 | 7:06 pm
    Guerlain Vol de Nuit is one of the very first bottles of vintage perfume I acquired. It was some time prior to fully jumping into the rabbit hole of collecting vintage perfumes, but there was an opportunity, and even with very limited experience I knew it was a special little thing. The first time I wrote about Vol de Nuit was in 2007, and it might have been the first vintage review I ever posted, though back then I didn't even tag it as such (I went back years later to add the tag for the sake of search results). It was just my bottle of a precious Guerlain that I learned to love. Dearly.Vol…
  • Rosario Dawson At Sin City: A Dame To Kill Los Angeles Premiere

    Gaia Fishler
    20 Aug 2014 | 2:16 pm
    This is unfortunate. If you've ever seen or read an interview with Rosario Dawson you know that she's not just incredibly likable, but also easygoing and down-to-earth, never trying too hard and definitely not tacky. All things that this dress manages to miss. It's most likely her stylist's faults, since even the fit is off and unflattering on Rosario (an impressive non-achievement considering her perfect figure). The lingerie-inspired dress is a fun summer style that goes beyond fads and trends, but the right fabric is essential for its success. The lace here looks exquisite. The leather?
  • Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner

    Gaia Fishler
    20 Aug 2014 | 1:38 pm
    The bad news is that the nice people at Hourglass have no plans for adding navy or any other colors to the new 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner. All we get is a classic black (Obsidian). The good news is that even with only one color this is a pretty awesome eyeliner. I love gel pencils for their texture and finish, and Hourglass has taken it to the next level: instead of the regular pencil offered by many brands we get a very thin and quite precise mechanical pencil that doesn't require sharpening, so there's no loss of product.The pencil is retractable, though only forward and not back (is it…
  • 14 Women's Perfume That Men Should Borrow

    Gaia Fishler
    19 Aug 2014 | 8:37 pm
    Last year I posted a list of masculine-labeled perfumes that I believe women should borrow and make their own. I figured it's time to do the same for men and supposedly-feminine fragrances. Personally, I don't care one bit about the pour homme/pour femme issue and don't think perfume has a gender. There's juice and skin--- if it smells good to you that's all it  matters. But people have been conditioned to make the distinction, especially on the mainstream market. Many niche/indie/artisan brands have abandoned the man/woman labels a long time ago, using neutral packaging and names (think…
  • Vero Profumo- Rozy (Voile d’Extrait & Eau de Parfum)

    Gaia Fishler
    18 Aug 2014 | 10:53 pm
    I'm still not sure I have the right words for Rozy. Anna, a long-time reader whose comments are always make me feel like she's my long-lost sister, had this to say:"And Rozy - I feel like I should send Vero Kern dozens of roses or something for having created this - although, in truth, nothing I could offer would truly be sufficient to express the appreciation I feel over being able to experience this scent."She's spot-on. Each one of Vero Kern's creations hits an emotional spot. They're a journey, a transformation, a mood. Everything but a literal sum of their notes. This is somewhat of…
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    I Smell Therefore I Am

  • I Wore This: Chanel Cristalle EDP and Vero Profumo Mito

    22 Aug 2014 | 7:38 am
    Cristalle is nice, and I prefer the edp to the edt, which is nice too, for the all of five minutes it lasts on me. Cristalle in that big brick bottle Chanel makes. My Cristalle edp comes in this brick but hits you like a feather. I keep trying to like feathers but I prefer bricks. So the Cristalle feels like a beautiful tease, and puts me in an irritable mood. Mito Voile d'Extrait is a brick
  • I Wore This: La Nuit de Paco Rabanne

    7 Aug 2014 | 8:16 am
    There are some key differences between eau de toilette and eau de parfum, the primary difference being skank. Honeyed skank, really. The eau de toilette is honeyed chypre, lasts forever, relates itself to true moss leather chypres like Trussardi Femme and Rochas Mystere. It kisses you like you kiss a baby. I once found two or three bottles of the eau de parfum for something like 30 bucks
  • I Wore This: Dior Poison

    31 Jul 2014 | 8:09 am
    A little one ounce bottle of Poison, because apparently I can never have enough. Let me tally. At this point, I own I think five - now six, bottles, various formulations. I try to keep track by the packaging but mostly I know by the smell. This one from the drugstore, probably dating to the early 2000s. It isn't as insistently bright and austere as the latest version. It isn't glorified
  • I Wore This: Jean Patou Sublime Eau de Parfum

    25 Jul 2014 | 9:01 am
    Amber, Vetiver, Orange Blossom. Like Teo Cabanel's Alahine, Sublime is a strange, diffusive toasted amber. I was telling someone last night my sense of smell isn't particularly robust. I like strong, forceful things that keep reminding me they're with me. Sublime isn't strong or forceful but it's that rare fragrance that stage whispers. People complain about a hairspray note. I often
  • I Wore This: Chanel No.5 Eau De Cologne

    23 Jul 2014 | 12:09 pm
    I was in Berlin recently with Barbara Herman and Miguel Matos, and at some point, trading the smells we'd all brought, Miguel pulled out an atomizer of Chanel No. 5 eau de cologne. I've never been a big No.5 fan, so the cologne concentration surprised me. It's sweet and ambery and a little leathery, less sharp than its better known siblings, more mellow. It doesn't last long but at least,
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    Beauty Cafe

  • Multi-Action Eye Serum from Skin of Norway by Geir Ness

    22 Aug 2014 | 5:29 pm
    From Geir Ness, the creator of Laila of Norway, comes Skin of Norway, a collection of Skin Care products.ENERGIZE tired eyes while smoothing eye contours and easing puffinessMulti-Action Eye Serum with Cloudberry & Firming Peptides(Fragrance-Free, Ophthalmologist-Tested)Deliver instant hydration to ease tired, puffy eyes, smooth sagging contours and minimize dark circles over time. This water-based serum contains two targeted peptides plus cell-energizers and age-fighters.USE: Morning and Evening after Cleansing and before Moisturizing to tighten contours, ease puffiness. Pat gently above…
  • Noodle and Boo Extra Gentle Shampoo

    8 Aug 2014 | 12:13 pm
     Noodle and Boo Extra Gentle Shampoo (not just for babies) For sensitive scalps and delicate hairNutrient-rich milk protein nourishes and conditions hair.Provitamin B and vitamin E keep hair healthy and shiny.Tear-free formula gently cleans and hydrates.Extra-gentle surfactants (bubbling agents) enriched with natural moisturizers.Mild enough for daily use; can be used on newborns and babies with sensitive skin.Dermatologist and pediatrician tested; hypoallergenic.Clinically-tested for sensitive skin.8 ounce bottle.Arrives in signature pink/blue packaging signature pump bottle.
  • Jaqua Beauty Caramel Cappucino Body Mist

    1 Aug 2014 | 8:02 am
    Beauty Cafe favorite!! Jaqua Beauty Caramel Cappucino Body Mist! Refreshing on a hot summer day! Envelop yourself in sweetness with this hydrating body mist, that will soothe and refresh your skin. Just mist it on for an all-over body fragrance. Life just got a whole lot sweeter! Alcohol-free formula with Aloe, Fruit Extracts, and Vitamin E for hydration.Warm Buttery Toasted Sweet Caramel CappuccinoJaqua Beauty Caramel Cappucino Body Mistavailable at Beauty Cafe
  • Skin of Norway by Geir Ness Hydrating Facial Mist

    25 Jul 2014 | 9:01 am
    Perfect for cooling off during these dog days of summer! DRENCH thirsty skin with vital moisture where and when it's needed most.Hydrating Facial Mist with Cloudberry & Fresh LavenderCaptures cooling moisture deep within skin layers and prepares skin for the following treatments. Use anytime a refreshing mist is needed throughout the day to cool and soothe tight skin.USE: Morning and Evening after Cleansing or whenever refreshment is needed throughout the day. Close eyes and mist generously over face and neck for deeply hydrated skin.Calms and soothes tight, parched skin. Improves…
  • Jaqua Beauty Buttercream Hand and Body Lotion

    7 Jul 2014 | 2:01 pm
    Jaqua Beauty Buttercream Frosting Hand and Body Lotion - Quench your skin’s thirst with Jaqua’s hydrating formula containing shea butter, aloe, and mango extracts. Your skin will love this luscious Hand and Body Lotion in the favorite Buttercream Frosting fragrance. Indulge yourself without a single calorie!I've been living in the Buttercream Frosting lotion since the shipment arrived. How did we ever live without it when it was gone... just so happy we have it in stock now!!  Fragrance Notes:Rich Creamy Buttery Vanilla Bean with a hint of Banana and warm Florals. Jaqua Beauty…
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    The Beauty Alchemist

  • NARS Velvet Lip Liner

    22 Aug 2014 | 8:00 am
     NARS is rocking these days with so many great new products .  Super new is Velvet Lip Liner.Velvet Lip Liner is a 12 shade range  of liners that will perfectly complement all lips, including their also new Audacious Lipstick.These are LE and have a new pigment rich formula . It's a very smooth , easy to apply liner . One thing to note is the liner comes with a built in sharpener , but they are also twist up. NARS has thoughtfully added directions in the packaging.The shade shown is Patong Beach , described as a pink rose, but to my eye there is a hint of  nude brown in…
  • Dior Rouge Dior Baume Lip Treatment

    21 Aug 2014 | 7:27 pm
    There's a new luxe balm on the way from Dior. Rouge Dior Baume Lip Treatment . I'm a  big fan of their previous tinted balm Addict Lip Glow  and the even older Addict Lip Balm   .These coming in a wide array of colors look even better with ingredients for shine and plumping. There are 15 shades  that will be on counter in September. Star #128Kew Gardens #258Bleuette #288Spring #468Primerose #488Lili #558Milly #640Coquette #660Diorette #688Escapade #740Lys Rouge #758Garden Party #760Fleur Bleue #788 (Sephora exclusive)Park Avenue #910Nuit Rose #988
  • Dove Nutrium Moisture- New Formula

    21 Aug 2014 | 9:53 am
    Dove's shower formulas are a staple here , especially in the colder months. Softening. moisturizing, soothing , all things I love . Now they've gone one step better and improved their already good Nutrium Moisture body washes to  make skin softer and smoother after just one shower with their gentlest cleansers ever. Want to get in on the #OneShowerChallenge ?  On Emmy night Aug. 25 , along with E! Entertainment , they will host the One Shower Challenge during Red Carpet Coverage. beginning at 6PM EST. Along with two women  being selected to take the challenge during the show ,…
  • Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Dry Oil Body Mist

    20 Aug 2014 | 3:00 am
    Laura Mercier is adding to the Verbena Infusion Collection. This lovely, fresh and cool verbena scent is a favorite here and all Summer I've been enjoying the Gel Body Moisture ( which was featured in my Mother's Day Guide here) .Now there is a Dry Oil Body Mist. It's lightly hydrating with coconut water, sweet almond and macadamia seed oils and has a slightly herbal citrus scent .  The fast drying mist  works for an anywhere quick burst of moisture and refreshing fragrance.Also new  is a Gel Body Scrub.The Verbena Infusion line will be  lovely anytime of year and a few…
  • mark Gleam Scene Ring

    19 Aug 2014 | 3:00 am
     There was a movie The Bling Ring. Well Gleam Scene from mark is A  Bling Ring.This new ring, part of the fall collection online now,  is large at one inch and sparkly with baguette and round stones decorating all sides .In addition to the stones on the top, there are more on the sides and across the bottom. Those  bottom ones are a nice touch. Whether waving to your subjects or hailing the bartender you're covered.Gleam Scene is not heavy , fits comfortably on your fingers and comes in sizes 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5 . Retail is $22 at
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    Cafleurebon - Fragrance is a language of translating the world

  • Fragrant Awakening: Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower (2005) by Dominique Ropion – A Hawaiian Memory Relived

    22 Aug 2014 | 5:07 pm
    Frédéric Malle and Dominique Ropion The first time I went to Hawaii, and fell in love with island culture, and felt Hawaii entering my bloodstream, I spent nine days on the island of Kauai'i. Also known as the Garden Island, Kauai’I is a gorgeous place filled with magnificent flora that smells and looks amazing. The lei that I wore there had tuberose and orchids primarily. Tuberose is heady and so distinctly tropical. But I have a very particular association with tuberose and Hawaii that goes beyond my introductory trip to Kaua'i; it's more associated with a…
  • Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze -The Winner

    Michelyn Camen
    22 Aug 2014 | 9:02 am
    I don't know why I even bother reading notes lists. Notes set me up to expect a certain kind of perfume but some perfumes are so interestingly blended that the notes are just a distraction. Such is the case with Yesterday Haze. Here is the scenario that crept into my brain as I wore this perfume: A beautiful woman wearing a lovely, ambery, womanly perfume has been embraced by a man wearing an equally lovely masculine scent Thanks to the generosity of Josh, we have a 30 ml bottle of Yesterday Haze to give away to one US reader. The winner of the random draw is Darla. Please email michelyn…
  • New Fragrance: Frapin Nevermore (2014) “3 Roses and a Flask of Cognac for Edgar Allen Poe”

    Michelyn Camen
    22 Aug 2014 | 8:37 am
    Photo: Frapin Co One of my all time favorite fragrances is Frapin 1270, launched in 2002 and which was reformulated by Perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur in 2010 (very close just a bit lighter).  P Frapin and Co, known for their exquisite cognacs was founded in 1270 and when Frapin 1270 debuted, this one fragrance opened the door for the many boozy and wine inspired fragrances which would follow. I own the original bottle and formulation. Photo: Frapin Co Their perfumes can fly under the radar, unless there is a star perfumer behind it, (1697 by Bertrand Duchaufour 2011) and Speak Easy by…
  • New Perfume Review: Richard Lüscher Britos Natural Terroir Perfumes 46०N 08०E by Jean Claude Gigadot + Swiss Mountain Cowboy Draw

    Michelyn Camen
    21 Aug 2014 | 4:48 pm
     Malvin Richard, Lukas Lüscher, Serena Britos courtesty of Richard Lüscher Britos When The Silver Fox reviewed Richard Luscher Britos Natural Terroir’s 14°S 48°E, Ambanja in north-eastern Madagascar, I was intrigued. This Swiss fragrance house has an impressive pedigree, and an amazing concept behind it; of the three founders, Malvin Richard is the son of esteemed perfumer Jean-Claude Richard, Lukas Lüscher is a perfume marketing authority and Serena Britos is an expert on ethnobotany, (the connection between plants and local culture).
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    Scentbird Perfumes

  • Deep purple for the rebel one

    Catrina Satterwhite
    18 Aug 2014 | 6:25 am
    So many of us have this idea of what a tough woman looks like, based on the many movies we have been forced to watch or watched willingly. Our long history of movie characters has been embedded in our heads creating several ideals in real life. Ya know, the popular girl, the hunky guy, the nerdy one, and so on… But the one that particularly stands out in my head is the Rebel girl. Think Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club, although her name may very well be Jean or Priscilla. You know the girl ,who in her younger years, gets to class tardy…on purpose , she moves the room with…
  • Psychology of Perfumes

    marina ljubisavljevic
    11 Aug 2014 | 8:58 am
    The father of elegance, Christian Dior said that he can judge a woman’s character simply by the perfume she wears. Even though his famous saying makes a helluva good perfume ad, his words were spot on. There is a whole science based on perfumes and its wearers, so if you are interested in learning what your perfume says about you, be prepared to take a brief course on the Psychology of perfumes. In 2004, Linda Buck and Richard Axel were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology on the account of their revolutionary study on the sense of smell. Their research is filled with complex medical…
  • Shades of Scentbird

    Minh Do
    11 Aug 2014 | 5:27 am
    I’ve always wondered about the ideal lover in bottle form. Past boyfriends have primarily worn colognes made “pour homme” and smelled pleasant enough, if not derivative. We grow up thinking masculine scents must contain some aspect of an aftershave accord when that simply isn’t the case. In fact, my top two favorite fragrances on men are actually marketed towards women. They contain drier notes than most “pour femme” scents and as such, exude a unisex profile. Men own and love them. So, who is this object of my affections? A leather-clad, raven-haired James Dean on motorcycle…
  • Scentbird is at the Beach: Meet 3 Perfect Summer Perfumes

    Mariya Nurislamova
    7 Aug 2014 | 8:09 am
    Scentbird is workin’ the beach this Summer and smelling great while doing it! Check out these three beach-perfect scents that transition perfectly from sun and sand to boys and bonfires. Coach Poppy Freesia Blossom Light and Summery with just the right amount of sweetness, this scent smells fresh, but is sure to surprise with creamy vanilla and brown sugar undertones. You’ll delight in the way this scent perfectly mingles with warm sand and light beach breezes. Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur For the daring yet demure beach-goer, this scent gets you noticed even if you’re not…
  • The Epoch of Renaiscents

    Marta Billan
    7 Aug 2014 | 7:05 am
    In today’s society we have something marvelous called the shower! There are endless brands of shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, shower gels, and bath salts to make the experience all the more enjoyable. In the Medieval Times, which lasted from the 5th to 15th centuries, people were not as fortunate. Due to lack of sanitary water, men and women were not able to bathe as often as we do currently. Often times bathing was only readily available to those of higher class or status. We panic when a piece of seaweed brushes against our feet in the beach or a piece of rubbish does so on the city…
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